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Tightrope Walking

Here and Elsewhere

…of historical events. Artists such as Hrair Sarkissian, Khaled Jarrar and Hassan Sharif undertake experimental approaches to archival material, rewriting personal and collective traumas, and weaving fragments both real and imagined into their work. Sarkissian’s photos of public squares in Syrian cities depict sites similar to the one where, as a child, he witnessed a criminal execution one day in the early morning. Sharif, a pioneering conceptual…

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Featuring Kabul

Traces of History – د تاریخی ابداتو په لټه

…ruined due to last three decades of civil war, is newly renovated by Agha Khan foundation. The Timorshah shrine, A park and as an attractive point for the visitors is reopened. Moreover it consist of a large Salon as a museum. The Salon was witnessed a great exhibition of Ghazni province, the province which was built up 8 centuries ago, the visitors were also got chance to see and compare the ancient Afghan culture and civilization of Ghaznavi an…

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Topography of Memory

Silenced Voices/Susturulan Sesler

…illetvekili/deputy, İstanbul, body found in Ankara 1915 8-Garabed Pashajan Khan, yazar, doktor, milletvekili/writer, physician, deputy, İstanbul, body found in Ankara 1915 9-Levon Larents, Tsayn Hayrenyats gazetesi/The voice of homeland Newspaper, Murç gazetesi/Hammer Newspaper, İstanbul, body found in Ankara 1915 10-Simpad Pürad, Pünig gazetesi, Kağapar dergisi/Pünig Newspaper, Magazine of ideas, İstanbul, body found in Ankara 1915 11-Hampartsum…

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Iranian Poet and Activist Executed

Last month, Hassan Rouhani, the new President of Iran, made a whirlwind visit to Ahvaz, capital of the southwestern province of Khuzestan. According to official media, Rouhani spent much of his time there dealing with “a number of sensitive files” left undecided by the outgoing president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. One such file concerns 14 human rights activists who had been in prison for up to two years. When Rouhani took over as president he had the…

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EventsFuture Archive

Lost Objects of Desire

…unspoken, the un-imaged, the not yet material. A child’s tale from Shater Hassan’s children stories recorded in the 60’s never comes to fruition, a woman recounts the violent events at a demonstration in present day Ramallah, and nationalistic children’s songs from the 70’s appear and disappear into the background. It is here, in the relation between the submerging nature of noise and the potentiality of emergence that we open the possibility for…

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