“my collection, that’s me – my childhood, my friends, my heroes, my role models, what i enjoy, what moves me. pictures from my journey: ‘at home i’m a tourist’” (Selim Varol)
i-collect focusses on the theme of collecting and the passion of the collector.

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The Attempt of a Poem

The Italian concept artist Filippo Riniolo is participating into the next Mahalla Festival with an interactive performance/installation in the frame of a residency program by MagiC Carpets, a Creative Europe platform uniting 16 European cultural organisations.

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Sapun Ghar

In 2015, the artist Iris Andraschek was artist in residence in Istanbul supported by the Austrian Chancellor and supported by the Istanbul based association DIYALOG. During her residency in Istanbul she started an ongoing project on the so called Aleppo Soap.

For the first time Iris Andrascheck is presenting this ongoing project at the Büyük Valide Han in Istanbul in the frame of parallel events of the 16th Istanbul Biennial organized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Istanbul.

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