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The Hulda-Festival

The Hulda Festival is inspired by a boat trip with artists and art professionals and the dream of the well known Turkish artist Ilhan Koman to bring his ship to the Mediterranean.


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İlhan Koman bought his ship, the Hulda in 1965 and renovated its interior which was originally designed for cargo and made her into his home. She was renovated and restored for the purposes of the Hulda Festival, based on her original drawings.

The son of Ilhan Koman – Ahmet Koman – made this dream real, he renovated the Hulda and created with friends the ongoing Hulda Festival, a boat trip dedicated to art and sciences with several destinations, where exhibitions, performances and workshop are taking place.-

The Hulda Festival is an innovative platform which aims at contributing to raising public interest for building bridges between sciences, arts and daily life. Exploration and human interaction constitute the core of the Hulda’s mission: resident artists from different countries and/or cultures are implementing workshops in their creative domain and as inspired by Hulda’s journey, the region and their experience.

The project entitled Hulda Festival, a Journey into Art and Science is an itinerant festival organized by the İlhan Koman Foundation (Turkey) in eight countries. Its project partners are Komans Konstförening (Sweden) for organization and | creative art management (Greece). The first part of the project was implemented in Turkey, Greece and Malta from July to October 2012. The second part will be implemented from the beginning of May 2013 to end August 2013 in Albania, Montenegro, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey.

The Second Journey Into Art And Science

The Hulda project is the second of a series of events, which were inspired by İlhan Koman’s quest, and combine the artist’s passion for unrestricted thought, research and The Mediterranean. Koman’s historical vessel M/S Hulda which has been his home and workshop in the last two decades of his life has made this journey possible.

open call for artists:

Artists are invited to submit applications with their portfolio to travel on M/S Hulda, show their work in the exhibition onboard and implement workshops.

Two or three artists will be invited to travel at each segment for 12 days on the average (5 days travel + 7 days events). Guest artists will be joined by local artists at each destination. Participating artists are expected to design their projects and implement open workshops at the destinations collaboratively or individually. Their works will be shown in an exhibition onboard.

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