Journey To the Black Sea

Black Sea map„In the project there will be a boat journey and the artists from these countries and from all over the world will participate in the voyage. They will realise projects on the boat and the boat will be like a laboratory. In each port or venue there will be some manifestations and events.

The distance, the communication and points of communication are very much spread. When you are in and around the Black Sea you end up through out in different geographies, for instance in the Baltic Sea. When you look at the history of the Black Sea you will see that there are many different spaces that are communicating but we have these geographical borders and we have political borders and we have mediatique borders. We also have this globalism utopia.

I am very interested in the link and communication of different polarities and points. So, we are looking for different kind of communications as an agency, a travel agency project. We look for and construct exchanges with many towns and seas in the region.“ (Hüseyin)

image: black sea map, part of an artwork by Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin


Hüseyin’s found Objects from the Black Sea Region

Images from SALT Research Hüseyin-Alptekin-Archive


In his works, Hüseyin Alptekin seeks to produce a mapping of another geography and spectrum. Tradionally, and in the days of Jules Verne, a geographical map is connceted to the flux of images and visual manifestations that are part of our lives. In his works the images appear as decontextualized fragments that for a moment may sharpen our attention towards an unnoticed meaning before we return into the flux of visual stimuli…
Lene Crone Jensen