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All around the World

Mid of November 2016 the artist Reinhard Wanzke based in Frankfurt, Germany, started his „All around the World in 225 Tagen Tour“. He took with him the art project „Bad Bags/Good Bags“.

Central to this art project are seven white leather handbags which he let manufacture in Vietnam in 2007. He took these bags on his journey in order to exhibit them in seven cities. So every station add a new chapter to the art project. The seven handbags are exhibited on every station of his journey and will be filled with local artists work from the city /country he is staying.

He started the show in Frankfurt with seven artworks. Each filling one handbag. The handbags are closed. So the artworks are not public to the audience only with there picture title. On the next station, in Kampala (Uganda), then the „Frankfurt works“ were visible to the audience. But the works of the artists from Uganda were hidden by the bags.


The next edition was in Sydney. There the works by the artists from Frankfurt and Kampala were visible but the works of the local artist were hidden in the bags. And so on. The bags are filled and empty out through the journey. The next stations were in Kuching, Malaysia, and in Changzhou, China.-



The upcoming stations will be in Vancouver and in New York end of June. In July 2017 after my return to Frankfurt there will be an exhibition of all 49 works.

Participating artists in Changzhou:
Chen Junpeng (CHN)
Lin Shengyang (CHN)
Wang Hongjun(CHN)
Wang Xin (CHN)
Zhang Xiaofeng (CHN)
Zhouruo Cheng (CHN)
Zhu Mingyue (CHN)

Kuching Edition:
D2k (MYS)
Nia Latif (MYS)
Sonia Luhong (MYS)
Monsthor90 (MYS)
Alena Murang (MYS)
Paul Sarawak (MYS)
Jasmin Zaidi (MYS)

The participating artists at the Sydney show:
Nichola Gravey (AU-NSW)
Anthony Kastanos (AU-NSW)
Vicki Knowles, Jayne Reed (AU-TAS)
Saha (AU-NT)
D Walsh (AU)
Reinhard Wanzke (D)/Screw7oose (AU-NSW)
Jason Wing (AU-NSW)

The participating artists at the Kampala show:
Andrew Mayiga Kaggwa in collaboration with
Victor and Kenzo (UG)
Giovanni Kremer Kiyingi (UG)
Amos Musoke (UG)
El Seed (UG)
Rolands Roldan Tibirusya  (UG)
Ntwigah Riungu (UG)

The participating artists in Frankfurt:
Jörn Budesheim (D)
Robert Cristinetti (D)
Birgit Dunkel (D)
Maren Floesser (D)
Horst Hamann (D)
Thomas Kampe (GB)
Dagmar Sippel (F)
as a „stand-in“ Stephan von Borstel (D).

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Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker, Founding Member and Secretary General of diyalog, promotion of cultural exchange with Turkey. Since 2012 he is also project manager of InEnArt.

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