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Made in Turkiye

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NoLaB presents the exhibition Made in Turkiye until the end of June 2017 at Hasköy Spinning Factory in Istanbul. No LaB is a conceptual Gallery which brings together all kind of artists, upcoming artists and already established artists, to create a common space where they can benefit from each other’s ideas and bond creative relationships.

For Made in Turkiye the curators Zeynep Ercan and Ala Onur, founders of NoLaB, are bringing together local and foreign artists, Turkish street artists and Turkish craftsmen and aim to present Turkish tradition with a new artistic touch to the whole world.


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Like the international art-scene already does, the exhibition is focusing on the combination of old Turkish handcraft and the work of ‘masters’ of art. It opens a critical view on cultural practices and a tradition that expresses the aspiration and dreams of our era in Turkey and want to leave an impact on mainstream cultural values. It use different forms of artistic expression and materials and transform it into a moving environment.

At the same time the exhibition wants to show Turkish tradition that disappears more and more in our times, by involving the visitors in a impressive ironical way.


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Participating artists from abroad are young followers like Chris Wolston, Liz Collins and Amit Baruch; they are working with classical material like copper, textile, leather and glass, and producing artworks that are unusual and fascinating. The exhibition offers a very innovative view on Turkish culture and shows you different interpretations of Turkish tradition, occasionally in a huge humorous way.

In the future NoLab wants to bring together local Turkish artists with artists from all over the world and create new projects like as residency programs and still focus on the traditional handcraft in a more artistic way to creating new products.

The Exhibition is open Thursday-Sunday 12-7 PM.

Kirmizi Minare Sokak, 34445 Beyoglu, 34445 Istanbul.

Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker, Founding Member and Secretary General of diyalog, promotion of cultural exchange with Turkey. Since 2012 he is also project manager of InEnArt.

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