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DRAWERS: Let them slide!

From the makers of Zenne Dancer comes a striking new film on female teenage sexuality.

Drawers Press Photos

„Drawers“ („Cekmeceler“) , the new film by directors M. Caner Alper and Mehmet Binay, has been awarded twice at the 20th Turkey-German Film Festival in Nuremberg. The movie tells the story of Deniz, a young Turkish woman, who is brought to hospital the night before her 32rd birthday. While lying in bed she opens the drawers of her traumatic memories: Those of her parents’ divorce, of her fathers’ obsessive and controlling nature and of her youth, filled of drugs, sex and partying.

„Drawers“ is a coming-of-age drama picturing family life in Turkey, a Muslim country that prides itself on being modern yet is profoundly patriarchal. M. Caner Alper tells, that his movie did not benefit from any official funding: „A slice of society does not want to watch the bitter truth about acknowledging the development of female sexuality and the hypocrisy that surrounds it in Turkey.“

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In Nuremberg, „Drawers“ has won the „Best Film Award“, what İdil Uner, chairwoman of the jury, justified like this: „The best film concerns all of us from a socio-political perspective in a multilayered, strong and complex storytelling approach. The directing is perfect and presents an outstanding ensemble of actors. The story is so tragic yet universal and actual that it brings the audience to reality so close one can hardly breathe at times. ‚Drawers’ truly deserves the honour of best film.“

Additionally, the movie won the „Best Leading Actress Award“, which was given to all three leading actresses Ece Dizdar, Tilbe Saran and Nilüfer Açıkalın together for their accurate and outstanding performances.

„Drawers“ was released at 105 mainstream cinemas across Turkey on 6th of March 2015.

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