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Taryn Simon discovers hidden objects and places

The solo exhibition of American photographer Taryn Simon at Istanbul’s Gallery Mana explores culture and economic change with two photography collections

by Hatice Utkan

American artist Taryn Simon, who has showcased her works at her photography works at MoMA, claims she is never inspired by other art works.

“As an artist I take inspiration from reality and fantasy,” she said during an interview. Taryn is investigating and researching all the time. Her discoveries led her to create her the photography collections that are on display at Gallery Mana in Istanbul until June 30, “Contraband” and “An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar.”

In these photography series, Simon pursues what is hidden and what is revealing within the space and situation.

In “Contraband” the artist took 1,075 photographs at both the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Federal Inspection Site and the U.S. Postal Service International Mail Facility at John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, revealing not only “hidden” images, but also referring to the economy and the flow of the economy.

“In this series I try to reveal the ‘simple’ being of the objects. Those [objects were] brought by people, but I have chosen to reflect them without any human image within them.”

The photographs showcase items like drugs and guns, as well as fake bags, DVDs, perfumes and diamonds. According to Simon this also shows the flow of economy and the movements of the economy in the U.S. The project took her five days, Simon said, adding that the things that she saw were amazing. All the featured objects are export and import materials, things that refer to the economy.

posted from Hürriyet Daily News

Thomas Büsch

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