Summer Homes: Claiming the coast

Image: Mustafa Hazneci

On September 04, SALT opened their doors to the new exhibition SUMMER HOMES: Claiming the Coast which will run from September 05 – November 16, 2014 at SALT Beyoğlu. The exhibition is a long-term study of summer residences on the coasts of Turkey, from detached villas to housing developments. Summer Homes reveals critical aspects in meaning of exploring what triggers, and what results from, the desire to own a home in a coastal area. You can find out the nostalgia of these times shown by the installations like old video tapings from families or a transverse profile of a houseboat, furnitures, photos, postcards, posters and documents in the beginning of the 19th century til nowadays.

A great exhibition about transformation from green into build-up areas will expect and affect you.

Exhibition period: 09/05/ – 11/16/2014

Place: SALT Beyoğlu

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