Artist in Residency Gathering at Schneidertempel, Istanbul


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On August 20 the InEnArt team and the Istanbul based association diyalog organized the 3rd gathering of international artists in residency programs in Istanbul at the art space Schneidertempel under the topic Displacement.

Displacement refers to a theoretical concept by the Belgium curator Jan Hoet, who died this spring in Ghent at the age of 77. Jan Hoet saw the essential task of contemporary art to provide real subjective experiences in order to counter a reality, that is increasingly slipping into a virtual realm and a global disorder.

The artist in residence Maja Weyerman introduced her work refering to moments of migration and minorities and the InEnArt team gave an introduction to different aspects of their research fields regarding displacement with work examples by the artists David Hammons, Vera Frenkel and Khaled Jarrar.


The Berlin based artist Maja Weyermann is currently artist in residency in Istanbul as part of a program of the Berlin Senate. She presented an insight in one of her previous projects called “Real-Time-Nomads“. It refered to the displacement of immigrants in Berlin. Real-Time-Nomads was realized in 2010, kindly supported by the European Cultural Foundation.


During her stay in Istanbul, Maja intensively explored various aspects of the ottoman and turkish culture and its heritage. As a result of her personel experience she gave us a brief insight in her current research project with carpets.

To see the Real-Time-Nomads videos visit

Tightrope Walking


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As tensions and violence is escalating in Gaza (Palestine), InEnArt launched a new research section under the title Tightrope Walking in June 2014. It is dedicated to the current situation in the Israelian occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank. It’s specially emphasizing an alternative point of views on socio- and cultural political movements in the West Bank. Thomas Büsch introduced the exhibition “No Exit” by the Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar. Khaled Jarrer was denied exit from his hometown Ramallah to attend an exhibition opening in New York. He was supposed to present an installation there. The exhibition with Khaled Jarrar’s absence alludes to the artist’s displacement in his own non-existing country of Palestine and his longing for relational connectedness.


The Istanbul based artist Asena Hayal gave a brief introduction to the upcoming project StreetWalking. The multimedia project is dedicated to urbanization and city planning in Istanbul and Berlin. StreetWalking critically examines the urban transformation of Istanbul and Berlin with images, sound and videos and documents the associated changes in living conditions as a creative mobile archive with its own App.

Schneidertempel / Sanat Merkezi

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The Schneidertempel or Sanat Merkezi in Galata, Istanbul is a unique art space. The small synagogue owes its name to the municipality of askenazi jews coming from Eastern Europe in the second half of the 19th century that settled in Karaköy and mainly belonged to the guild of tailors. Until 1964, the Synagoge in the heart of Istanbul was actively used as such.

Since 1999, it serves as art space and museum for modern Jewish art and caricature art. Since then, the Schneidertempel has presented both renowned Turkish and international artists.

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Photos taken by Ralf


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