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2013: the year of the Gezi miracle



In 2013 Istanbul got the centre of a miracle that spreaded across whole Turkey. The urban transformation policy of the government caused a political uprising that turned to massdemonstrations, massive police violence and detentions. But more then all it made Turkey one of the spots with the most creative civilian resistance movement on earth. Viva Gezi!

Inenart featured the highlights of the protests but also the artists contributions prior and during the uprisings. We focused on the rapid and dramatic transformation of the urban landscape of Istanbul and organised a three-sided Football game in solidarity with the Gei protests in the frame of the parallell events of the 13th art Biennial in Istanbul.

In the beginning of 2014 we will have been online for one year now. 2013 was a stormu year for Turkey. The Gezi Protests starting end of May shifted the political culture of Turkey sustainable. We want to continue to be a part of this.


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