Homo Melitensis

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2017 marks the official return of a Malta Pavilion to the Venice Biennale for the first time in 17 years. To celebrate this occasion and create an unparalleled experience, the two curators – Raphael Vella and Bettina Hutschek – have drawn on Maltese art from the past and pre­sent, juxtaposing historic items with contemporary.

The curators have selected artists of Maltese origin or based in Malta for their conceptual exhibition: Homo Melitensis: An incomplete inventory in 19 chapters.


INTERACTING ART: working unworks and unworking works

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The show is part of the program of Ars Electronica 2016 and was open during the festival

at Raumschiff, Linz


RADICAL ATOMS Ars Electronica 2016

A play on artworks, works in process and working things out by doing – together. Through negotiation, juxtaposition, and re-contextualization, various works and non-works are woven into an interface for the audience, built through interactive, textual and performative processes.

There’s no excuse for our lethargy: since we already possess the ideas, tools and techniques to initiate a change of course. The collaborative display here exhibited turns non-functional works into functional un-works, reaching towards how art might work between artworks.The project uses the medium of interaction in a way that allows the pieces to leave the traditional space of artistic discourse and to occupy instead the space of dialogue.


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  • 14358681_963946357066553_4653410735006142815_n

  • 14264021_963943573733498_5790368115163450972_n

With Stella Baraklianou, Yen Tzu Chang & Yoh Morishita, Maria Czernohorszky, Isidora FicovicLaura Jade HindesMary Maggic,Francesco Nordio, Patrick Schabus, Henning Schulze, Julio Sosa, Federico Tasso.

A project by
Davide Bevilacqua, Sam Bunn, and Sewal Six.

INTERACTING ART: working unworks and unworking works 

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