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Forced Migration – Finding New Perspectives

…national borders but, rather through its regional ones. The Istanbul based Searching Traces project makes it obvious that the diversity of help knows no limits: the project contains workshops and activities with the aim to give migrants and refugees the opportunity to find new perspectives by looking back and reappraise their experiences. All these examples are a start that has to be made to move on. Only a new world order can be the cornerstone t…

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Three Sided Football


100 Years Asger Jorn The exhibition Traces – 100 Years Asger Jorn at the Cobra Museum for modern art in Amsterdam marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Asger Jorn (1914-1973), with works by Jorn and selected works by his contemporaries. Asger Jorn is known as the artist who invented in 1964 the three sided football match to explain his notion of triolectics, his refinement on the concept of dialectic, as well as to disrupt one’s everyda…

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Traces of Memento

Artist in Residence from Germany in the Footsteps of a Forgotten Time in Istanbul Walking through the streets of Istanbul with artist Gisela Gräning gives an interesting insight into her workflow. Although the city tour feels a bit like a sally, it’s obvious that Gräning has an eye for details in architecture and their socio-political implementations. She doesn’t stop walking while examining the scene and taking the shot: her gathering of materia…

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Five Years InEnArt

…tions, gender, religion and ethics. Since 2014 we prepared under the title Searching Traces on behalf the Goethe-Institut Istanbul an extensive workshop program with migrants and host communities in Turkey reflecting the living situation in exile. It became its own video channel within our video magazine StreetWalking.- Within the frame of parallel events of the 15th Istanbul Biennial were organized last year the Mahalla festival dedicated to migr…

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Featuring Kabul

Traces of History – د تاریخی ابداتو په لټه

د کابل د تاریخی ښار په زړه کی د سیند په غاړه د لوګیو او ګردونو په منځ کی د رش څخه په ډکه ساحه کی د یوه ښایسته بڼ او زړه را ښکونکي منظر ښکلا سړئ ځانته ور غواړی دا د لوی امپراتور احمد شاه ابدالی د دویم زوی تیمورشاه خان درانی ، کوم چی د افغانستان پلازمینه یې دوه پیړۍ وړاندی د کندهار څخه کابل ښار ته را انتقال کړې وه، مقبره او پر هغه باندی جوړ سوي مزار دی چی اغا خان د خیر ښیګڼی نړیوال بنسټ په افغانستان کی د خپلو پراخو خدمتونو او د هیواد په ګوټ ګوټ کی…

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Traces at The Empire Project

The Empire Project is proud to present an exhibition of three contemporary Hungarian photographers in cooperation with the Nessim Gallery in Budapest. The works of these three photographers show a special aspect of contemporary photography. All three are in search of something deeper, something that transcends the image and poses the eternal question, “How do we, who are here under this sky, regain & retain our humanity? “Libya: Silence after the…

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…an, English. Projects created, developed or organized by InEnArt includes: Searching Traces in partnership with the Goethe-Institut is hosting a serial of educational events for displaced people in Istanbul. StreetWalking reflects the urban methamorphosis based on topics like culture, politics, social values, gentrification and commercialisation of the society. Tightrope Walking refers to the funambulist Philippe Petit crossing illegally the space…

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