Bellastock Festival Istanbul coming soon!

Bellastock Festival Istanbul is coming soon: From the 10th to the 14th of June, in Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi, Fındıklı campus, during 5 days, participants are going to build their own festival out of recycled materials and will be challenged to make live their own architecture.


Bellastock Istanbul is organized by a team of 12 architectural students, mostly Erasmus, who live in Istanbul. Their goal is to promote experimentation in architecture as a vector for an innovating and a learning process. The festival will gather all the architecture schools of Istanbul and others students in order to build on a 1:1 scale their own festival of ephemeral architecture.

Furthermore,  the materials’ cycle should be questioned by using common, standard, easy to handle and abundant material to raise issues such as recycling and construction economy.

A first Bellastock-workshop took place in ITÜ university during their Springfest where the Bellastock-Istanbul-team has been experimenting with students the construction out of crates:


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The richness of the festival comes from the diversity of cultures and differents artistics happenings during thoses days. Bellastock Istanbul event is in between an architectural workshop and an art festival. This is an experience open to everyone, who will inspire people by literally building and living the art.

Get more information on the Bellastock Istanbul Homepage or via Facebook.

– Article written by Clément Aquilina –


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