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Aaron Betsky live, 1.9.2012. at SALT Galata.

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Aaron Betsky live, 1.9.2012. at SALT Galata.

photo©Isidora Ficovic

extracts & tips: we live in a global culture; the world of Zero and Ones;  modern; information change; no fixed time no fixed space; downtown; architecture don’t have to worry about downtown; Steve Jobs; Mandala of the modern world;  architecture of 21st century; how does one build from zeros and ones; Cocoon yourself in a little room; phenomenon of disappearing; cyborgs; accumulation of data;  assemblage art; gather things together into coherent shapes; growing of a new reality.

Aaron Betsky (born 1958) is an architect, critic, curator, educator, lecturer, and writer on architecture and design, who since August 2006 has been the director of theCincinnati Art Museum. From 2001 to 2006 Betsky served as director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Although Betsky was born inMissoulaMontanaUSA, he grew up in The Netherlands. He graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in History, the Arts and Letters (1979) and a M.Arch. (1983). He then taught at Cal Poly Pomona[1] and the University of Cincinnati from 1983 to 1985 and worked as a designer for Frank Gehry and Hodgetts & Fung. From 1995-2001 Betsky was Curator of Architecture, Design and Digital Projects at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art before moving back to The Netherlands.

Betsky has written numerous monographs on the work of late 20th century architects, including I.M. PeiUN StudioKoning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc.Zaha Hadidand MVRDV, as well as treatises on aestheticspsychology and human sexuality as they pertain to aspects of architecture, and is one of the main contributors to a spatial interpretation of Queer theory.

Betsky was named as the director of the 11th Exhibition of the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2008.

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