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Yoakimion Rum Kız Okulu

Fener Yoakimion Greek Girls’ High School was built during the Ottoman period in the Fener district. When schools for girls began to be opened in Constantinople in the 19th century, Patriarch II. Yoakim donated land for the construction of a school in Fener and the construction of the school started. The patriarch died before the construction of the school was completed, and Patriarch III Yoakim continued. The high school opened in 1882. Since both patriarchs contributed to the construction of the school, it was named “Yoakimion”, meaning “the work of the Yoakims”.

The school is located opposite the Fener Greek Boys’ High School.’ It was closed in 1988 due to a lack of students. In 2011, it was officially shut down. Unfortunately, the building, which is owned by the same foundation as the school, is currently closed to visitors. It was used for the exhibition of Greek artist Kalliopi Lemos, titled “Me, Between Worlds and Between Shadows”, as part of the Istanbul Biennial in 2013.



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