I am Neither on the Earth Nor in the Sky

I am Neither on the Earth Nor in the Sky” is a solo exhibition created by the Turkish artist, Ramazan Can. It is a continuation of the previous exhibition “Once Upon A Time” (“Evvel Zaman İşi“).

Arranged over two floors of the gallery, pieces of his art shows the artist’s journey and memories over the years. The main theme is the presentation of nomadic migration, comparing it to the act of settling birds. As a result of the resettlement policy, this freedom was taken away from the nomads.

As the title of the exhibition indicates, it relates to migration and settlement by nomads. Ramazan Can refers to his memories in an interesting way. The elements of his work serve as a transition between the past and the present.

The themes that characterise the artist’s work are: Nomadism, Shamanism and Identity Issues. The exhibition was inspired by his childhood memories of traditional rituals. Moreover, this contemporary interpretation of shamanistic motives includes elements, such as: deers, wolves and bulls, which are characteristics of nomads (formerly living in the region of his hometown, Manisa in Western Anatolia).

The exhibition is open to the public until November 18 at the new Anna Laudel Gallery (located in Kazancı Yokuşu No:45).


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