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The Impacts of Coronavirus in Istanbul

Unlike other European countries which have now taken drastic measures against the proliferation of the Coronavirus, Istanbul – especially for a newcomer – has been the reflection of an in-between atmosphere. An in-between linked to its geographical separation, an in-between because everything is about to “collapse”.

Rumours linger around the city: some prepare their stocks, afraid of a general closing down, others try to find a way out of boredom. Barely out of the boat, certain people run towards the free hydroalcoholic gel distributors, others continue their way towards home…

On the artistic side, it is sad to observe that numerous museums, organisations and cultural events have been closed and/or cancelled. Being aware of the instability of artists’ status and their dependency on those institutions, some might ask how they’ll overcome this uncertain phase (which obviously affects other professions too) and who will take charge of this responsibility.

It is difficult to predict future developments as well as the effects which a global crisis may or will have on a city, its inhabitants and its culture. Understanding and taking into account the impacts of an epidemic may take us back to similar historical events and confront us with new questionings and thoughts about our actual excess of consumption, our connection with the environment and the planet and, finally, our place in this world.

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