Creative Working and Living in Berlin – The Betahaus

When you are first entering the betahaus, it feels like in a typical berlin-like café. Although you obviously see a lot of working people being around, it seems too légère to realize, what kind of working place lies behind. The betahaus wants to be a flexible workspace for creative freelancers. On its homepage it says: High quality value is no longer created in classic offices. Added value is created in different locations, at different times, in changing team constellations and without permanent employment. This new type of work constantly seeks new real and virtual locations. Open, digitally networked and collaborative work places are required which are flexible and serve as incubation platform for network, innovation and production.

The betahaus is aimed at people who are looking for a flexible working space in a collaborative work environment. Many betahaus users are freelancers who are fed up with sitting at home alone and working on their projects in isolation. Others are looking for synergies in order to be able to master bigger projects. Some are also startup-founders, who are looking for a flexible opportunity to grow their business. And as a matter of fact you can feel the spirit of a university campus in the rooms of the betahaus. Quite often, for people, who try to establish their very own business, this must be a very familiar atmosphere.

Additional there`s lots of people around you and all of them work in the creative sector as well. On the other hand the constellation of big rooms with single desks in it can give quite a forsaken impression. Although you have so much people around you, the presence of them is fluctuating. You’re always in kind of a public room with people working, speaking and laughing around you. There’s hardly a door that can be closed to get silence around you. And if you don`t come early enough, you won’t get the working place, you had yesterday.

Modular organized, you can rent a very flexible and cheap working space and add various extras like team and meeting rooms, 24/7 entrance possibilities and fixed working-places. Once a week, there is an altogether breakfast, where everyone can present his/her project. That way the betahaus-founders lay the ground for a living network were synergy effects can emerge.

Hence, becoming part of the betahaus means, you are becoming part of a “creative crowd”. That includes a very special dynamic and atmosphere. As a physical fix-point in a virtual world there are many possibilities of new synergies. Networking with all positive and negative effects, living at work in a very open working atmosphere, that’s the betahaus.


Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker, Founding Member and Secretary General of diyalog, promotion of cultural exchange with Turkey. Since 2012 he is also project manager of InEnArt.

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