Kitfox Experimental


The new KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art is taking shape in the unconventional space of the former Kindl brewery in Berlin’s Neukölln district. This new art complex covering 5,500 square metres now opens its first space, the spectacular 20-metre-high Boiler House, as an exhibition venue for international contemporary art. Swiss artist Roman Signer has developed his installation Kitfox Experimental for this impressive space.

The Swiss concept artist and performer’s trade marks are actions with explosives, working in the field of tension between sculpture and event. «My works are like traps that I set for nature, so that she can intervene in the creative act as a partner, and perfect it.»

For Roman Signer is not the medium important but rather the idea and process behind it.

The Artistic Director of KINDL, Andreas Fiedler said about Signer:

For me Roman Signer is one of the most interesting sculptor of our times. His extremly complex work blows the traditional term of sculptures up and discuss existential questions without any pathos.


Opening: September 13, 6pm

KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art
Am Sudhaus 3
12053 Berlin


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