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Open Call to Participate in an Art Project by Khaled Jarrar

The Istanbul based team of InEnArt is reviving an open art project by the Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar.

In 2012, the Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar created postage stamps for the non-existing State of Palestine as one of his contributions to the 7th Berlin Biennale. Next to this project, the artist marked the passports of tourists with an entry stamp of his homeland. Jarrar’s postage and passport stamps express the story of a state-to-be. Instead of continuing again and again the discussion about a one- or two-state solution, using these stamps is a simple gesture that helps to create normality.

In collaboration with Khaled Jarrar, the Istanbul based team of InEnArt will revive this art project and bring the stamps in circulation again, utilizing the German post offices service to print customized “individual stamps”. This is not only an appreciation of Khaled Jarrars work as an artist but also a support and spread of his gesture and its bigger political message.


The stamps’ central and aesthetic element is the Palestine Sunbird. For Jarrar, the bird stands for the desire to create an open, sovereign country that guarantees freedom to everyone to carry one’s life in one’s hand. During the Biennale in 2012, more than 20.000 stamps were produced and sold to be used on letters and postcards worldwide. 

In light of recent events, we reported about Khaled Jarrar’s current situation of being denied exit from the West Bank to attend an exhibition at the Whitebox Art Center in New York City. This incidence reminded us on the importance of Khaled Jarrar’s project from 2012 which issued the absence of a legal Palestinian state and consequently the freedom of movement of its citizens.

To participate in the re-edition of this art project, you can order a sheet of 20 postage stamps by Khaled Jarrar for EUR 25 which will be send to you. It is a collectors peace and art that is consumable and that is standing for a bigger idea. 

Order a sheet of stamps by Khaled Jarrar and set a statement:

pali_15841_3064Against a small surcharge, the standard stamps of 0,60 Euro were produced with the “individual stamp” service of Deutsche Post AG and are valid for regular mailing.

The price for one sheet of 20 stamps is EUR 25 (including shipping fee).

Stamps are sold by sheet only.

The stamps can either be seen as collectors item or fulfill its actual purpose as stamps.


Khaled Jarrar is a Palestinian artist whose first exhibition took place in public space at the checkpoints of Hawara and Qalandya. He lives in Ramallah.



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