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Defying Death by Extreme Place Hacking


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Photos Bradley Garrett

In his newly published book, EXPLORE EVERYTHING: PLACE-HACKING THE CITY, the author and British urban explorer Bradley Garrett describes the appeal and background behind many place hackers motivaion to take the risk that comes with urban exploration:

London is, by many accounts, the archetypal, impenetrable fortress city. The financial district is circumscribed by a ‘ring of steel’, a security and surveillance cordon surrounding the City of London […], and heightened security measures were reinforced by 9/11 in New York and the 7/7 Tube bombings. The construction of these types of spaces has meant that the security architecture familiar in airports and at international borders – such as cameras, cordons, bollards and even biometric readers – has begun to appear in our neighbourhoods. […] Over the past four years, the city has seen countless reasons to increase security measures in order to match an imaginary ‘threat level’: the Pope’s visit, the Royal Wedding, the Queen’s Jubilee, the 2012 Olympics. And yet after each of these events ends, the security levels remain ‘heightened’; the surveillance infrastructure remains in place.

Ironically, it is exactly these types of places that are most permeable to the urban explorer, because the more complicated a system becomes, the more weaknesses there are to exploit. As Dan Salisbury, another London explorer, told me, ‘At some point you have to say: “Fuck the consequences, I need to connect with this city, and if I have to work a little harder for that feeling, then so be it.”’ […]

Urban explorers countermand those securitisation and distraction efforts through trespass, reporting back to the public with blogs, photos, videos and prose, bringing the hidden to the fore.

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Crack The Surface – Episode II – Episode II takes a look at a small collection of explorers from across the pond in America and Canada, focusing on their participation and experiences within their local and global exploring community.

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