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In the framework of ‘IPA Performance Platform 2013: Next Step’ the performance artists VestAndPage will present a performance called “THOU TWIN OF SLUMBER: PUPAE” on Friday, 23rd August 2013, starting at 18:30 in the Mixer Gallery.

German artist Verena Stenke and Venetian artist, writer and curator Andrea Pagnes have been working together under the name of VestAndPage in Performance art, filmmaking, visual art, creative writings and as independent curators, such as of the Venice International Performance Art Week, since 2006. Their recordings and socially or environmentally orientated live performances have been presented across Europe, Asia and the Americas, and are mostly process-led and conceived psycho-geographically for architectures or in response to natural and historical sites. Their investigation originates from a here-and-now interpretation of the fragility of the individual and its surroundings, researching private, social and contextual spheres through precariousness, transformation, liminality and authenticity. Exploring that which us humans still may offer, VestAndPage look for places that don’t yet exist, that are elusive, but that seem to contain possible answer to certain questions.

The work investigates stasis, sleep and slumber as liminal spaces, looking to wave mythical reflections on death and rebirth into the narrative of urban regeneration. Through the guideline analogies of two figures of the Greek mythology, the twin brothers Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death), and assuming the Moth as their archetype symbol, further the Performance cycle moves around the life and transformation cycle of the insect.

In Istanbul, VestAndPage will invite the public for THOU TWIN OF SLUMBER: PUPAE, to be an active part in what is the zoological term ‘pupal stage’: the life stage of some beings undergoing complete transformation and metamorphosis. This chapter of the cycle will further enquire the issue of human rights and their violation. The division between the observing public and the exposing artist is torn down, as all are part of a collective performative experience, a common ground journey towards that which is the core of ourselves and our continuous transformation – fears, restrictions, unpredictable emotional responses, isolation, physicality, secrets, responsibility, mistrust, loss of control. The members of the audience who choose to take on this experience will have the occasion to question the idea of blindness, perception, imagination, memory and metamorphosis. Those that decide to keep their sense of sight, will observe the delicate process and take upon themselves a responsibility towards the others that are entering into fragile terrain.

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