European Photography

European Photography 91 on Investigative Photography presents 11 in-depth projects, exploring political, social, aesthetic, and media issues today.


Featured artists are Ruben Salvadori, Dana Popa, Alexis Cordesse, Ji Hyun Kwon, Juraj Lipscher, Lynna Jean, Achim Mohné, Simon Menner, Verner Soler, Txema Salvans, and Alinka Echeverría. Besides visual presentations, each contribution comprises the artist’s work description and an interview.

Ruben Salvadori, Venice, featured in the new issue #91 of EQUIVALENCE on Investigative Photography: “This series intends to play with the creation and destruction of drama by breaking the taboo of the ‘invisible photographer’ and including him in the frame so as to show how the image-production process generates very similar photographs that are often overdramatized […].” From “Photojournalism Behind the Scenes.”

Have a look at the new issue of Equivalence

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