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For more then 25 years international artists-in-residence programs have been part of the cultural scene of Istanbul. Artists from various regions of the world are moving to the Bosphorus. They live and work here, they get inspired by the city’s rich history and add new impulses to its virulent arts scene.

Two particular artists, who live and work in Istanbul temporarily in 2016, will present their works and talk about their experiences as artists in Istanbul on May 16 at 3 pm at Istanbul Bilgi University, santralistanbul:

  • anahita

  • Anahita Razmi - The Paykan Project, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, 2013

Just Before Paradise

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The object looks airy and fragile allthough of its solid form.  With the the sculpture of a white life jacket on a gallery padestal Diyarbakır based artist Cengiz Tekin is imposing the relevance of the subject: the biggest refugee crisis since WWII and its tragedies. Beside it’s delicate look it is made out of solid marble. The material is underlining the gravity of the topic. And it is representing the tragedy of thousands of human bodies sinking to the ground of the mediterranean seas due to a merciless policy against refugees fleeing crisis areas. Humans are forced to risk their lifes because of the absence of international solidarity with their emergency. Some were even killed by non functioning lifewests sold in Turkey not for the purpose to save life but to make profit.


Cengiz Tekin: Just Before Paradise from InEnArt on Vimeo.

Cengiz Tekin’s second Solo Show at Pilot Galeri in Istanbul takes its title “Just Before Paradise” from the artists latest video work that was shot in 2015.  We see a group of refugees waist deep down in dark waters in the video. That group of young men seem like they are singing a quiet anthem as the waves lap up against the shore. They all have a proud expression on their faces as they realize the last duty for their gone friends with whom they shared a common fate.

‘’Just Before Paradise’’ draws attention to forced migration and refugee crisis and also depicts the tides between death and life as a boundless crisis instead of a regional one. The Video was shot on the shore of Kilyos on the Black Sea close to Istanbul. The performers are refugees also in real life. Istanbul is internationally one of the centers of forced migration between Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

“Just Before Paradise” will be open to visitors until 23 April 2016 in Pilot Galeri/İstanbul.


Final Destination Open Society Europe

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Currently around 2.7 Million refugees live in camps in Turkey. Since 2011, when the revolution started in Syria, the people have been fleeing first to Lebanon, then Jordan and Turkey.

Hopes for an imminent end and the chance to return homewere doomed as the civil war turned into an international vast conflict and generated the enormous human tragedy the international community is facing today.

The documentary In the Dark Times features Syrian artists and actors living in Istanbul. One of the protagonists of the movie is bookseller and artist Samer Al Kadri from the Pages Bookstore in Istanbul.

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