Sea Elephant Travel Agency and the Loft

Sea Elephant Travel Agency

Black Sea Traces

B-fact (Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Barents Sea)

…003): B-fact (Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Barents Sea) Huseyin Alptekin and the Sea Elephant Travel Agency organized “B-Fact”, an off-beat, open-ended, and provocative event that unfolded over several hours. In this collaborative exhibition, he worked with Halil Altindere and Vahit Tuna in Istanbul, Minna Henricksson from Helsinki and Love Enqvist from Sweden.   [widgetkit id=9059] Photos from Love Enqvist – Narratives of Travels Sev…

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Jules Verne and the Black Sea

…s friends Ahmet Senkart and Yildirim Arici to Sochi in 2000 to present the Sea Elephant Travel Agency to a group of interested people. In a video directed by Yildirim Arici Hüseyin explains the Travel Agency. He takes us to the beach and describes his art works he did within the frame of the Sea Elephant Travel Agency. excerpt of a video by Yildirim Arici   Guardians of the Threshold Notes by Hüseyin Alptekin, on Guardians of the Threshold, (Odes…

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Open Call for Artist and Art Professionals

…nArt as a online platform in memory of Hüseyin B. Alptekin who founded the Sea Elephant Travel Agency as a visual and performing arts laboratorium, focussing on inter-actions of variety of populations and cultures in the Black Sea Region. InEnArt launches the Sea Elephant Travel Agency 2013 ten years after the planned trip as an open online platform with the aim to continue tracing the imaginary itinerary of Jules Verne on the Black Sea. If you ar…

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Related Events

This Secret World That Exists Right There in Public

…s Asian coast without crossing the Bosphorus. A remnant of what became the Sea Elephant Travel Agency focussing on networks of communication among the contemporary art scene of Turkey with its northern neighbors and what is not only a vision of alternative routes but also a cultural project of solidarity formation. Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin, Image from SALT Research Hüseyin-Alptekin-Archive, Courtesy of the Estate of Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin and Rampa…

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Democratic Luxury / Demokratik Lüks

…installation Don’t Complain. Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin in Venice 2007, one of his last interviews about his work before he died on December 31, 2007 The exhibition at Rampa Istanbul will also consider his collaborative initiatives with other artists, such as the Bunker Research Group (BRG) or the Sea Elephant Travel Agency, which aspired to organize a “floating laboratory” for artists and thinkers to circumnavigate the Black Sea, developing critical…

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