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Made in Turkiye

…innovative view on Turkish culture and shows you different interpretations of Turkish tradition, occasionally in a huge humorous way. In the future NoLab wants to bring together local Turkish artists with artists from all over the world and create new projects like as residency programs and still focus on the traditional handcraft in a more artistic way to creating new products. The Exhibition is open Thursday-Sunday 12-7 PM. Kirmizi Minare Sokak,…

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Ordinaire Blau

…doing so. She has developed her exhibition project in Istanbul during her residency this year. The drawings and the photos show people who have fled to Turkey from Aleppo, as well as their current surroundings and on the basis of their history as migrants. Fine-lined renditions of striking faces and heads are meticulously and realistically, as it were, drawn on semi-opaque foil. The artist has emphasised the subjects’ distinctive features with le…

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Context is Half the Work

…ty placements on behalf of artists in industry and government. Unlike most residency schemes that have emerged in its wake, APG artists were not required to produce any determinable object as a result of her or his placement. The goal was not to put the artist at the service of industry or government, but to allow her or him to act upon a given situation outside of the studio and the art market, in an environment usually perceived as alien to intu…

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Artist Talk

…eis of the Erich Hauser Foundation and the Goethe-Institute Villa Kamogawa Residency, Kyoto. Other residencies and awards include the MAK-Schindler Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program, Los Angeles (2013) and the Te Emdash Award, Frieze Foundation (2011). [widgetkit id=20838] Ana Strika – artist-in-residence from Zurich Since 2015 the City of Zurich awards an artist-in-residence grant for Istanbul in the frame of its cultural promotion prog…

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…, no trial, just an administrative decision to deport me after 25 years of residency in Turkey”. He said the invitations found in his bag were issued by the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic party, and featured a reference to Kurdish self-determination and a small picture of a barricade. On Friday – March 18th Chris Stephensonhas received news from the authorities that now there is “no ban on him entering Turkey” anymore and he can return. The Peopl…

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Two artists of the collective G.R.A.M. in Istanbul

…and Martin Behr. Holler-Schuster and Martin Behr are currently artists in residency in Istanbul (send by the “Auslandsatelierprogramm des Österreichischen Kanzleramts”).G.R.A.M. as an artist group are known for reenactments. They are quoting famous Images, scenes by reenacting them. The Photograph shows them reenacting a fight in the Taiwanese Parliament. The group operates in a wide range of media (photography, video, film, performance, painting…

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Servants of Art – subReal

…ust the subREAL exhibition is shown at SALT Beyoglu. During their one-year residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin the subREAL-group accessed the archival photographic material of a disbanded art magazine and this became the core material of their Art History Archive series (1995-1996). In these works they examined the aura and the universe around the art object. A bit later subREAL started their The Serving Art series (1997-1999) where huma…

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Caroline Kryzecki: Moiré Drawings

…atorial Text of Tina Sauerländer written for the exhibition “Chaos around Superposition. Die Moiré-Zeichnungen von Caroline Kryzecki”, Solo-exhibition at Sexauer Gallery Berlin, 09.12.2014-28.02.2015) Caroline Kryzecki was artist in residency in Istanbul financed by the Senate of Berlin in 2013. Her Moiré Drawings were exhibited in several shows. Her next participation in a group exhibition: 3 Juli – 1 August 2015, “My Lonely Days Are Gone Part 2,…

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