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Network of Residential Art Programs

…eetings and virtually through our website. Those interested in attending a residency can use the information and resources on our website, gaining insights into the profiles of our members and staying informed about their events and application deadlines. Since 1993, through the volunteer efforts of of the Board of Directors and countless partners and friends, Res Artis has grown to become the largest network of its kind, promoting the role of res…

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Sapun Ghar

…ellor and accustomed by the Istanbul based association DIYALOG. During her residency in Istanbul she started an ongoing project on the so called Aleppo Soap. For the first time Iris Andrascheck is presenting this ongoing project at the Büyük Valide Han in Istanbul in the frame of parallel events of the 16th Istanbul Biennial organized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Istanbul. Iris Andrascheck participated into the Mahalla Festiv…

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…. The selected artists are working and living in Istanbul for 6 month. The residency program is supported and supervised by the Istanbul based cultural initiative diyalog. The intention of the granted stay in Istanbul is to provide the artists with a stimulating, enriching experience. Alexander Tuchacek is the fifth artist-in-residence of this program and he will stay in Istanbul until the end of January 2018. GaleriBu Serdar-ı Ekrem Sok. No:11 Ga…

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…for aspiring professionals. While some participants will be asked to attend on an invitation basis, half of the group will be formed through an open call. The first few meetings of the series will be led by Shumon Basar, who is on a research residency in the framework of the collaboration between SALT, British Council and NOA. The first meeting will take place at SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul, on November 15, 21.00. Basar’s meetings will be held in Engl…

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Deconstructing and Reconstructing Clothing

…e aethetics and metaphorical language of fashion as well as it’s texture and the material behind the phenomena, as he grew up helping out his father in a movable bootleg fashion store. Mack just finished a one year work residency in the studio museum of Harlem and was named one of the top fifteen emerging artists of 2015 by artsy magazine. We are looking forward with excitment to see his current works soon in NYC and Istanbul.-  …

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Exit by Carla Mercedes Hihn at Hayaka Artı, Istanbul

…ted a Video featuring artist Mehmet Güleryüz and his view on the uprisings The exhibition is a sensitive comment on vivid times you shouldn’t miss. At the opening Curator Beral Madra transferred the management of the Istanbul residency to Thomas Büsch, who was artist in residence 1998 and stayed in Istanbul eversince. Madra is curatorial manager of the Kouad Galery in Istanbul and director of BM Contemporray A…

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A magic adventure in and with „Kater Holzig“

…exist will be translated and a hotel will be built. Moreover an artist-in-residency project for young students and artists who will be living for a limited time for free in apartments in the “Kiez” in exchange for work will be started. To finance the project 30% of the space will be rented to companies which share the ideals of the project and want to participate in it, for example bakeries, fashion labels, supermarkets, restaurant, art galleries…

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Interview with the artist Elmas Deniz

…niz, dear friend and colleague that have met a decade ago on the artist in residency program in Istanbul. The interview is about her artwork exhibited at the 16th Istanbul Biennial titled “The Seventh Continent”, lasted from September 14 to November 10, 2019.   In her conceptual works, Elmas Deniz calls attention to ecological changes occurring with capitalism and the age…

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Beret Hamann examining Daily Life

…. Hamann recently spent two months in Istanbul on occasion of an artist in residency program. The fellowship is financed by the MWFK (Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur) of the State of Brandenburg, initiated by the BVBK (Brandenburgischer Verband Bildender Künstler) e.V. and supervised by Istanbul based diyalog derneği. The artist started her research by asking the question: How do Turkish women live in Istanbul nowadays? – A city…

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