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Sara Giannini text on “What is Contemporary?”, 2012

…in asynchronous stills of contemporaneity, find themselves re-proposed in Isidora Ficovic’s practice. What is Contemporary? (2006 – 2008 – 2010) is an ongoing dialogical investigation on the contemporary. It takes the form of interviews, where the artist asks “what is contemporary?” to artists, curators, art lovers and other professionals of the so-called contemporary art world. The first of the series, What is Contemporary? (2006), involves the…

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Back to Now

…ć June 23rd 6 pm – Presentation of the interactive works by Nathan Guo and Isidora Fićović 8 pm – Panel discussion “Culturalities and new technologies”, participants: Maja Stanković, Aneta Stojnić and Jovan Čekić (with the comment on the text “Culturalities” by Daichi Misawa) The project includes a visit and collaboration with the following institutions: The Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, the Museum of Nikola Tesla and the Centre fo…

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2020: A RESTROOM CULTURALITY 2020 © Isidora Fićović and Daichi Misawa Installed in New Belgrade, April 2020   A restroom for visitors to reflect upon a cultural boundlessness, or culturality, of restrooms in the past, present and future, which comprises Gestural Rhythm of Dot recording a time dimension of a process of movements in painting, and a musical sound of circulator that may reflect the sound of present culturality in a place of installme…

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Expanded Media Triennial RE-CONNECTION 2019

…dar Jestrović Jamezdin (SRB), Mišo Filipovac (SRB), Jarrod Sanderson (UK), Isidora Fićović (SRB), Jelena Bokić (SRB), Jovana Braletić (SRB), Senka Žugić (SRB), Milan Hrnjazović (SRB), Sanja Solunac (SRB) and Marina Ilić (SRB). On invitation of the curator Ksenija Marinković participating: Jelena Jelača (SRB), Mihai Zgondoiu (ROM), Irena Kovač (SRB), Marina Marković (SRB), Tijana Radenković (SRB), Mića Stajčić (SRB), Maja Rakočevič Cvijanov (SRB),…

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I Am In a New Now

…he same frequency while watching the sunset together? And what about ethics? Erkin Duman from Türkiye Photo: Aleksandar Danguzov   exhibition is supported by Austrian cultural forum @isidoravisualart @isiartstudio @suluv_gallery @austrijskikulturniforum  …

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…n – Designer/Software Implementation Thessy Mehrain Marta Traverso – Joker Isidora Ficovic – Author Tan Cemal Genc – Author (Sense of Time) Thomas Mittler – Author (Sense of Time) Margarita Wenzel – Trainee Students of the Institute for Arts and Media Management Berlin and Mimar Sinan University Istanbul InEnArt and its modul Sense of Time is organized by diyalog – association for the promotion of exchange and cooperation in Istanbul – in cooperat…

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Hüseyin B. Alptekin

…A comprehensive selection of works by Hüseyin Alptekin. Read a guidance through the exhibition at salt online Listen to Hüseyin Alptekin about “What is Contemporary?” by Isidora Ficovic Read an orbituary by Sabine Vogel published at the Berliner Zeitung on 1/12/2008 in Berlin, Germany…

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Time is Love 6 – 2013

…tria) Francesca Fini (Italy) Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman (France) Isidora Ficovic (Serbia) Jangyoung Jung (Korea) Jennida Chase (USA) Jonas Nilsson (Sweden) Joas Nebe (Germany) Joy Whalen (USA) Kokou Ekouagou (Togo) Larissa Sansour (Palestine/UK) Laszlo Laszlo Revez (Hungary) Nina Backman (Finland) Otelo Fabiao (Portugal) Paul Rascheja (Poland/Germany) Pil & Galia Kollectiv (Israel/UK) Polina Zioga (Greece) Uma Ray (India) Rita Casdia (It…

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