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Antonio Cosentino: Tin City

…entino is working on and around the changes in the city of Istanbul a lot. Tin city is a wonderful comment to the ongoing Transformation of the city by the muncipiality of Istanbul. The Kulah Han, Istanbul, where the exhibition is located, will be directly in the Galataport area, a big commercial urbanism project for making Karaköy a touristic area for Cruisers. Tin city reminds me sin city, an american comic by Frank Miller about the brutal daily…

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Geleceğe Arşiv

Anne ben Beton dökmeye gidiyorum.

…stallation by Antonio Cosentino. It looks like the train fitting into the “Tin city” he had built in the exhibition space Külah in 2014. In the periphery tin has a big value. It is recycled all over again. It is immortalized by the different usages in the city. People use it as flowerpots or for repairing their leaking roofs. The artist built a train out of tin, looking lile the Banlieu train operating between Sirkeci and Avcılar. Memed Erdener (E…

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Rantİstanbul Berlin

…districts of the city becomes the condition of creating an identity in the city. “City culture” becomes the statements of the rules in the cultural space which the people in the city have to obey to live in the city.This workshop aims to record and compare these cultural codes, signs from the different parts of the city, the rules and the living spaces by starting from Istanbul example and discussing Berlin. The workshop plans to collect any audio…

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The Physiology of Public Space

…in this case the physiology of public space? A biological metaphor for the city? (city centered – the city as body) – this perspective is quite well developed in the organicist approaches to the city. An understanding of the city in terms of the bodies that populates it – and their physiology? (body-centered) – we may include here preoccupations in multidisciplinary domains of urbanism, art, anthropology or demography, to mention just a few. A met…

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Place Hacking

Urban Gaming

…raction, civil disobedience, art and exchange. By phenomena like Urban Knitting, Parkour or reinventing traditional games like the Three-sided football, the public space becomes a political and cultural forum as well as a zone of interpretation, adaptation and personalization. So why not using the the urban environment in the idea of the Situationist by reconstructing the daily life by playful situations? Or as Débord explained with his theory abo…

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Citation City

…lter Benjamin, written between 1927 and 1940. An enormous collection of writings on the city life of Paris in the 19th century, it was especially concerned with the iron-and-glass covered “arcades” (known in French as Passages couverts de Paris More than once, Benjamin characterises arcades as passages into the Underworld, an image that conjures up a host of mythological associations with the liminal zones that blur the boundaries between differen…

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Adaptation: Architecture, Technology and the City

…des by exploring the unexpected ways in which technology must adapt to the city. Most markedly, this can be seen in the rise of an ad hoc aesthetic where urban spaces are subject to continual updates and design improvisation. Adaptation argues that for digital technology to evolve, ultimately it will have to adapt to another technology—to the technology of architecture. by JEFFREY INABA On March 13, at the Walk-in Cinema, Jeffrey Inaba will discus…

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City of Tomorrow in Berlin

…and the fate of monuments that fail in their task of memorialization. The City of Tomorrow will be on display at IMPORT projects in Berlin. IMPORT projects is a nonprofit curatorial initiative founded in 2012 by Anja Henckel and Nadim Samman. Hosting exhibitions, performances and symposia, IMPORT provides an experimental platform for contemporary cultural production and debate, primarily exploring the intersection of technology, personal identity…

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Place Hacking


…inja.” – Booklist, Starred Review “Urban exploration is… a way of renegotiating reality, transforming the moment, turning the city into a video game. Except that, in this game, you only have one life.” – Evening Standard “For Garrett, physical exploration is merely the outward manifestation of a deeper philosophical inquiry. The theoretical DNA of much of his work traces back to the concept of “psychogeography.”” – GQ “Great and topical” – Booksel…

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