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Letter to A Refusing Pilot

…887. Letter to A Refusing Pilot His video work titled Letter to a Refusing Pilot (Zaatari conducts both an investigation and a stirring tribute to an act of resistance that marked his childhood memories: the refusal of an Israeli pilot to bomb a boys’ high school on June 6, 1982 in South Lebanon) will be shown on loop from 17.30 every day December 3-7 in the Walk-in Cinema at SALT Beyoğlu. Exhibition: December 2, 2014 – February 15, 2015 SALT Beyo…

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Constantinos Taliotis

Pilot Gallery will display ’50 Years of James Bond Against Architecture’, between 9 January and 23 February. The exhibition features the photographic work of Constantinos Taliotis, who for two years researched the aesthetic aspects of gangster films and b-movies. Focusing on the critical narrative moments of these films, Taliotis produces eight cinematic ‘living pictures’ that trace the trajectory of the finger to the trigger and, through tempora…

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Iván Navarro, Light at the end of the Tunnel

…-, -Less-, -Ness- or the whole word. Egeran Gallery along with spaces like Pilot Gallery (Constantinos Taliotis) and the Museum Salt (Hassan Khan) are and were giving important inputs with the presentation of international artists in a discursive manner this winter. Iván Navarro and Hassan Khan were parallel present with performances in other art spaces during the running time of their Solo Shows. The music orientated performances built a sophisti…

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Just Before Paradise

…se to save life but to make profit.     Cengiz Tekin’s second Solo Show at Pilot Galeri in Istanbul takes its title “Just Before Paradise” from the artists latest video work that was shot in 2015. We see a group of refugees waist deep down in dark waters in the video. That group of young men seem like they are singing a quiet anthem as the waves lap up against the shore. They all have a proud expression on their faces as they realize the last duty…

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Place Hacking

Excuse Us While We Kiss The Sky

…rcraft reached the gate, its doors didn’t open. After several minutes, the pilot came on the intercom, and Garrett fired off a tweet: “Just landed at Heathrow and we are told the police are boarding our aircraft. Welcome home. x” A group of uniformed officers from the British Transport Police entered the plane and came down the aisle. They stopped at his seat, 42K. “Dr. Garrett?” “Yes?” “We need you to come with us.” An officer gripped each arm, a…

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Art in the Public Gardens of Sofia Shuqin GuanThe capital of Bulgaria – Sofia – is full of an artistic atmosphere this summer. Wandering in the lush green public gardens of the city, you will easily encounter art. At the Sofia City Garden and at the Crystal Garden you find two different exhibitions. Exhibition in the City Garden | Madam Architect You should definitely have seen the exhibition Madam Architect in the City Garden last July. Madam Ar…

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