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Archive of Nothing

Fresh Nothing photographed as empty information in Istanbul and there is more of that:

LIistanbulIt sounds absurd. An archive that archives Nothing. But actually the Archive of Nothing asks a lot of questions about the Nothing and sees it from the different angle of different cultures: the Nothing and its related topics like Zero, Emptiness, Silence, Doing Nothing.

Everybody can send his thoughts, visions, utopias, concepts and works regarding the Nothing to the archive. It will all be collected and archives systematically. From the various contributions received, the Archive visitor can surely find something about the Nothing on his individual search.

The Archive has been officially presented to the public at the beginning of 2006 by Stephan US. Since then, it is available in galleries, art associations and museums as well as in certain public institutions. The Archive is “at home” in Muenster, Germany, and travels from there all over the world. It continues to grow by the contributions and comments of the visitors… into a network of Nothing…

Archiv_1The Archive of Nothing is an open shelf system on wheels, consisting of three main elements. This system is made of 18 millimeters Multiplex panels (birch). The three shelf elements can be connected with joints. Thus the Archive can be presented in different ways and forms – depending on the condition of the room. The basic layout is Z-shaped like ZERO. Depending on the layout, two table tops can be integrated at the corners and serve as working desks. The usable shelf surface is approximately 9 square meters. When built up in Z-shape, the Archive has a volume of: height 193 cm x width 200 cm x length 290 cm.
The total system can be taken apart for transport so that it fits in a normal station wagon.

Did you read something about silence in a novel? Did you write a poem about absence? Did you make a photo with the topic emptiness? Did you hear a dialogue regarding the topic Nothing in a film? Do you have any questions about the Nothing? or… and… and… Everyone can participate with his own ideas or with finds…

Send it to Stephan US

Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker, Founding Member and Secretary General of diyalog, promotion of cultural exchange with Turkey. Since 2012 he is also project manager of InEnArt.

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