Bearing Witness to the Lost History


On Thursday the exhibition “Bearing Witness to the Lost History” was opened at Depo, in Tophane.

From 26th of April until the 8th of June you will be able to experience the time from 1872-1923 through the lens of the Dildilian Brothers. They worked as photographers, mainly in Sivas, Merzifon and Samsun. Armen T. Marsoobian, a grandson of a family member, gathered most of the material and spoke about this experience to the audience at the opening.

The exhibition focuses on a painful process, which resulted in the violent eradication of Armenians from their 2500-year old homeland. But more importantly it testifies to the educational, cultural and commercial achievements of Anatolian Armenians as well as to what has disappeared from Anatolia, and how.

Although the explanations in the exhibition are written in Turkish, Depo provides all English translations in a booklet.

Read more about the exhibition at Sense of Time

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