Black Sea Traces

Melancholia in Arkadia


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Images from SALT Research Hüseyin-Alptekin-Archive, Courtesy of the Estate of Huseyin Bahri Alptekin and Rampa Istanbul

In Melancholia in Arkadia, a series of photos show the interior of a sanatorium in Odessa: a simply furnished room with a television broadcasting scenes from a film, a spinning fan, curtains blowing in the wind, wedding costumes on display. Focus, angle and time changes slightly and seems to create an effect of knowing what is at play and yet at the same time not realizing what it is – balancing on different layers of possible contents.
Lene Crone Jensen

Photos taking during a trip to Odessa

Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker, Founding Member and Secretary General of diyalog, promotion of cultural exchange with Turkey. Since 2012 he is also project manager of InEnArt.

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