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Şakır Gökçebağ at Plato Sanat

2013-04-03 19.46.52

Plato Sanat is located in Balat. İt is surrounded by traditional houses, workplaces for craftsmen, small food shops and newly opening restaurants on the shore of the Golden Horn. Şakır Gökçebağ uses material, that could be easily found in the district, and which are transformed into beautiful installations by the artist. Red lentils filled in a Turkish doormat turn into a beautiful geometric structure and look like a precious carpet on the first look. Cut up shoes being placed in a perfect circle seem to be the affirmation of Sema, a whirling, sanctified movement being used by different Sufi traditions.

The daily is rearranged in Şakır Gökçebağs works. A complex transformation of and loving comment on the seriousness of simple human needs. I first saw an Installation made by the artist in the Museum Baksi in eastanatolian Bayburt. Blue Plasticshoes being used by vllagers in the region were installed on the surface of a white wall looking like an impressive abstract painting from far. The show in Balat gives a grandly impression of the range of Gökçebğs works.(03.04. – 12.05.2013).

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Şakır Gökçebağ was born in Denizli in 1965. He studied Grafik at the Fine Art Academy Mimar Sinan in Istanbul and made his PhD at the Marmara University. In the beginning of the Nineties he moved to Germany and worked as Universities in Berlin and Hamburg. He is currently living in Hamburg.

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