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Hans Peter Feldmann at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg

300px-Parkendes_AutoHans-Peter Feldmann was born in 1941 in Düsseldorf. He studied art in Linz an is working with conceptual Photography since the late Sixties. He combined daily snapshots to narrations being collected in books he publkished himself. Some are very harmless funny and some are very provocative.

Georg Imdahl is sharing the anecdote of a serial of Porn-pictures Feldmann sent to around 20 people after the documenta 1972 curated by Harald Szeemann in the art magazine.  Feldmann was invited as an artist to the documenta as well. The hidden sent photographs were much more spectacular then his exhibited work there though. Twelve pictures show Feldmann, looking like the legendary Football Player Berti Vogts during this time, in sexual intercourse with a group of ladies. In the letter he announces, that he is very ashamed about this terrible pictures, but wanted to publish something about the reality of sexuality existing, we usually try to hide. For years all the 20 receivers were hiding this photos in their archives, collectors and curator were ashamed about the poses from someone they knew personally. The serial got published first ten years ago and are also part of Feldmann’s latest publication “Another book”.


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