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İz (Scar) at GalataPerform

An Apartment on Tarlabaşı Boulvard in İstanbul. Three stories, located in different times, are performed parallel in this impressive Theatre play.

The Greek Istanbulian sisters Markiz and Eleni are living in the apartment of their mother. They enjoy their life in the centre of the city. Theatres, shopping facilities and fancy restaurants are close by. They have to leave their home suddenly after the events of 6-7 Septembre 1955. After a massive propaganda campaign the shops of the minorities are robbed and broken down, women are raped. A mass exodus of the minorities is the result.

Ahmet is a leftist on escape in the 1980th after the military coup. He is hiding in the apartment, he rented from Turgut Bey.Turgut was a poor handcraft worker, when he moved into the apartment, after the Greek had left, and rents it out today.

Sevengül is a Transsexual working as a Sexworker in the years of 2000. She shares her place with her lover Rüzgar, a Kurdish young man, who moved from the Eastern provences to Istanbul.

At the end of the play two of the characters have been killed. Lot’s of a lifetime has been visualized on stage directly, while the audience is following over Projection screens, what is happening in the backparts of hidden rooms as well.

A Play with a high density. Ahmet Sami Özbudak has written a strong, touching story, Yeşim Özsoy Gülan, also incorporating Markiz, directed the cast to a level of a very persuasive performance, which is fun to watch as well.

The small stage of GalataPerform is used exellent. It is located in an apartment in Galata, that could be located on Tarlabaşı as well. The bedrooms and the entrance are partly broadcasted over screens to the audience. Parallel activities are creating the complexity of history and fate in a pleasant, playful way.

Have a look at Tarlabaşı:

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