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Iván Navarro, Light at the end of the Tunnel

1972 born Chilenian artist Iván Navarro represented Chile with his work “resistance” at the Art Biennial in Venice 2009. He created a bicycle in the style of a Velotaxi. The passenger seat is made out of fluorescent tubes though, getting energy from the Pedals of the bike. Navarros Installations are breathing the Junction of Freedom and Slavery in human existance with a strong postulate against resignation.

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A one-way mirror used in Interrogation rooms is part of the work “In Between Walls”, the splitted word “Hopelessness” flickers in the Image. While the first look follows an endless tunnel created by the mirror, the spectator can focuse on either Hope-, -Less-, -Ness- or the whole word.

Egeran Gallery along with spaces like Pilot Gallery (Constantinos Taliotis) and the Museum Salt (Hassan Khan) are and were giving important inputs with the presentation of international artists in a discursive manner this winter.

Iván Navarro and Hassan Khan were parallel present with performances in other art spaces during the running time of their Solo Shows. The music orientated performances built a sophisticated counterpoint to the pure entertainment oriented overpriced clubs growing like mushrooms in humid weather in Istanbul. Hassan Khan even used the Ghetto club, a venue of the clubbing hoppers on weekend. A part of the audience was fleeing the space, when first audio-dissonances occured, while most of the people sensed the density of Khans musical arrangements.

Iván Navarro at Egeran Gallery Istanbul, 22.11.2012-02.02.2013

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