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The Shape of Truth Changes and Shapes the Truth

“The shape of truth changes and shapes the truth” is Sandra Schäfer’s first solo exhibition in Turkey with contributions by Iranian photographer Hengameh Golestan and Istanbul based artist Sevgi Ortaç.

The exhibition is designed around a two-channel-video installation on the set of 1978ff (2011), in which Schäfer addresses two questions: first, how did the 1978 revolution in Iran lead to the foundation of an Islamic Republic? And second, why did so many people with different political convictions from different factions support this?

At first sight this seems to be nothing new, having a closer look the show unveils a complex concept beyond boring East and West distinctions. Schäfer uses material out of different sources. Communist German Filmmakers, who were startled and overwhelmed by the uprisings in the Near East in the 1970th, explain the circumstances of their filmwork at that time. Gholestan is commenting her Photos of the 1970th. Schäfer is interconnecting the revolutions effect also on Turkey using the works and views of Turkish thinkers and artists as well as stunning Videos she produced recently during an artist residency in Turkey.

The show is one of the rare and promising examples of interdisciplinary non-orientalist and non-okzidentialist artist positioning. Depo Istanbul, 10.11.-29.12.12

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