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Amber Art and Technology Festival (05-19.11.12)

Visualizing the global marathon, the theme of Amber, Art and Technology Festival is “Paratactic Commons”.

The walking Robot is part of an exhibition on the Campus of Istanbul Technical University.

The decade that followed 9/11 witnessed a radical regression of communal energies, forcing us to live strictly in individual spheres; the fear and control society in the guise of a war on terror, the tendency of nation-states to impose their ideological agendas onto everyone and everything under their control and the conflicts and collaborations of a global consumerist economy that urges the rapid privatization of public goods have all taken a toll on the common values of human societies around the Globe. The commons that we need to regain entail a broad spectrum. They range from ecological unbalances, which result from the privatization of natural resources, to the ‘de facto’ privatization of judicial systems, which has led to the degradation of a justice that is common to all..

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