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Another way(s) of communication

Happiness is in a connection and compassion with others, as a source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. The real purpose of art is to communicate a feeling. The global experience of the covid 19 pandemic has caused changes in the way society function: working from home, online teaching, meetings on various internet platforms, so establishing interpersonal relationships as “another way(s) of communication” is a challenge.

The project includes artists from Belgrade and Berlin, who will discuss human relationship to the body, as its most immediate nature, through their artworks and dialogue, and that relationship speaks of human relationship to nature. The development of the senses and ecological awareness improves the environment, but also aims to establish empathic interpersonal relationships, sociability and culture. The language of contemporary art is a field of re-examining “another way(s) of communication” with the use of different human senses, tactility, manual work, bodily gestural free movement in space, overcoming the limited gesture of typing on a mobile phone screen or computer keyboard, where conversation with others is limited to the sense of sight and hearing.

Artists:  Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović, Marijana Oro, Marco Nektan, Ana Cvejić, Magda Radojlović, Merey Şenocak, Melih Sarigöl, Funke Collective Berlin, Emre Birişmen.

Author of the project: Isidora Fićović

Partner on the project: Selda Asal, Apartment Project Berlin

Exhibition in Ostavinska Gallery in Belgrade, Kraljevića Marka 8 MKM 8 – The Magacin Cultural Centar, from 19th until 25th of November 2021The program includes two performanses: Gnostification of Marko Nektan on 19th of November ’21 and Hafetopia of Snežana Arnautović on 20th of November ’21, at 7pm. The communication program and public leading through works with the interview of the artists will take place in the Gallery between 23th until 25th of November 2021.Exhibition in Apartment Project Berlin, from 4th until 19th of February 2022, Apartment Project Kulturverein e.V. Hertzbergstr. 13, 12055 Neukölln, Berlin Apartment Project 

Logos in this project are: the Ministry of Culture and information of Republic of Serbia for international cooperation, ULUS and Belgrade Art Show, MKM Ostavinska Gallery Belgrade,, Apartment Project Berlin, Bioskop Balkan Foundation Sasa Marčeta.


If you noticed the title of the project “Another ways of communication” is written with an error. Grammatically correct sentence would be ‘Other ways of communication’, or ‘Another way of communication’, but the title is written intentionally in English as “Another ways of communication”, since it highlighting the notion of an error. If we think about the meaning and purpose of an error, concerning the language of the machine or the language of human, what makes a difference in between these languages, if there is an error:

Example if human language and code used for computational algorithmic language are observed analytically, it is noticeable that “human languages are ambiguous and contain large vocabularies”, while “code is a strict syntactical rule of small vocabulary.” The other thing is that “computers are not able to interact a meaning if it is not stated exactly. In every language there are rules of grammar, but if word or two are misspelled, still human is possible to understand and computer doesn’t have this potential.” (FORM+CODE In Design, Art, and Architecture by Case Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and LUST, 15). Error can be a trigger in learning process, going beyond, exploring unfamiliar, expending the horizon, error as an exception and originality in the process of creation, how error makes us learn.

Thinking of the notion of an error as part of a learning process, maybe it could be applied to how, why, what, in which way, the manual art work you are producing, bodily sensing, makes a difference to the technological developments of new media tools, devices and gadgets, use of new technological devices on a daily basis, what makes a difference if we turn to our bodies and its potentials, variety of senses. What means to be human in current technologically oriented society, online learning, what makes a difference, what could be “Another way(s) of communication” maybe the notion of an error could be a leading path, to see it brighter or clearer how digitalization can be humanized, keeping it in mind the physicality, body movement, free style gestures, manual, tactile shaping of creative artistic processes, real time and space etc.






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