Vision Art Platform

“Duvar” (“Wall”) is an exhibition created by a Tukish artist, Ufuk Yılmaz. It focuses on the author’s reflections on life, architecture and the concept of space. The arrangement of the works in relation to the space of the art gallery, shows the importance of this concept in his work. Interestingly, the artist uses the prism of late modernism in his art pieces.

Another interesting exhibition is “Now You’re Here” created by various artists, such as: Mike Berg, Merve Denizci, Umut Kambak and Semih Zeki.

The exhibition presents the four artists’ personal perspectives on human beings, the environment, the concept of borders and space. It opposes the continuation of the idea of the consumer society, and its successor – the supermarket aesthetic.

Similarly to the Ufuk exhibition, the details of the works interact with the art gallery space, in which they are located.

Both exhibitions are available to visit until 24th October at Vision Art Platform. The gallery is located in Akaretler No:35.

This contemporary art gallery, founded by Nisa and Meryem Taşyar, aims to bring people together, regardless of age. It is not only a space for artists, but also a place for interactive activities and workshops for the audience.

The venue is a combination of pop art, street art and contemporary urban living. 


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