CLIMAVORE: Seasons Made to Drift

“CLIMAVORE: Seasons Made to Drift” is an exhibition, located in SALT Beyoğlu. Over the three floors that comprise the exhibition, there are various artworks that illustrate how climate change affects humans. The theme of the exhibition mainly focuses on infrastructural responses to climate events.

The authors of this up-to-date thematic exhibition are the London-based group Cooking Sections, represented by Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe.

As a whole, the exhibition examines selected cases that help to identify new seasons. This means that climate-related changes are becoming increasingly visible and tangibly recorded, both at sea and on land in the 21st century. The display begins with the work “Weathered”, located on the ground floor of the gallery. Through the use of wood pieces, petrified leaves and historical newspaper fragments, it depicts past droughts and famines in Anatolia.

Unicum” as the second work, analyses the phenomenon of colonisation of the Black Sea and points out the negative effects of this process. Changes in temperature or the percentage of salinity in the water cause accelerated migration of species and the creation of new habitats.

Both “The Lasting Pond” and “Traces of Escapees” examine issues such as the shrinking of wetlands on the outskirts of Istanbul and the genetic erosion of local fish species resulting from fish farm pollution.

Exhausted” as the last work, tells about human life in the Neolithic Age. The point of reference here is the phenomenon of fertility. An interesting parallel is made between man living in the Fertile Crescent and nowadays – including, the In vitro fertilisation procedures in contemporary Istanbul.

The works are presented in an original way. The use of light and various sounds arouses the visitor’s curiosity. The theme of the exhibition encourages reflection.

For anyone interested in the exhibition, it will remain open until 24 October. SALT Beyoğlu gallery is located in Istikal Street No:136.

“CLIMAVORE: Seasons Made to Drift” is programmed by Meriç Öner and Onur Yıldız within the framework of Our Many Europes, with additional support from the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development and the Goethe-Institut.

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