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The three-day online event REQUIEM FOR JUSTICE is about to be launched on 28th of August. The Landscapes of Hope, a network of 25 civil society organisations, will present this international online event on 28, 29 and 30 August 2020. The Event will feature music, poetry, films and opinion statements by more than 40 artists and writers from 18 countries, rallying in an effort to raise voices against injustice and oppression amidst Covid-19. They call for attention to those most marginalized and vulnerable communities under the threaten by global pandemic.


REQUIEM FOR JUSTICE is curated and produced by the Landscape of Hope network of 25 civial organisations. One of the leading organization is Action for Hope based in Beirut. Action for Hope was founded in 2015 as a pan Arab cultural organization to provide cultural development and cultural relief programs that meet the cultural, social, and psychological needs of distressed, marginalized, and displaced communities. Action for Hope believes in the role of Arts and Culture in empowering individuals and communities, particularly those in distress.

Long term economic and social challenges of the crisis re-emphasize issues of inequality and injustice. REQUIREM FOR JUSTICE aims to focus most vulnerable communities around the world, highlighting the important role of civil society organizations and their collaboration.

Expressing demands and uniting different communities through artistic creativity, REQUIEM FOR JUSTICE will also explore the possibilities to change “social distancing” into “social connectivity” at times of crisis.The event will take place online in a multi-creativity format which allow participants engage with music performance, poetry reading, documentary showing, talking and discussing.

REQUIEM FOR JUSTICE will be streamed on Action for Hope’s Facebook and YouTube pages at 17:00 GMT on 28, 29 and 30 August. Also follow actforhope on Instagram and Action for Hope’s Twitter page.

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