Istanbul – good vibes only!



A tour from Istanbul’s Taksim Square over Istiklal Street to the pier in Karaköy. This route is usually abound with crowds.

Snapshots from Sema Sincap. An artist living in İstanbul. On a stroll through the city she is picturing pieces of street art mainly in Karaköy. The location is undergoing massive gentrification due to the Galataport-Project: it shall become a new center for tourism with a yacht-harbor, shopping malls, hotels ….

Due to the ongoing transformations Karaköy is one of the cities hotspots for street art. It is close to Sema’s studio. And a meeting place outside of Covid19 times.

“The only good point about the current emptiness is that you can now see these pictures better, and long for them to soon disappear behind people at the same time.”

Sincap is working on a graphic novel playing with the conflicting role of wolves in motives of mythology and fairy tales.

“In addition the wolf is abused as a projection-field for revival myths of nationalist movements. In fact it is a rather shy tribal animal. The werwolf should be seen as mean and dangerous mainly because he is half human. I would say: fight the Virus like a wolf, he’s only fighting for keeping his tribe alive. In this sense:  Stay healthy and: Good vibes only!”


the kind-hearted wolf, S. Sincap

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