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“Yakamoz” at Haydarpaşa Ferry Dock


“Yakamoz” is a metaphor for a specific glittering glow in the seawater of the Bosporus. It is the title of an art installation of Abel Korinsky at the Ferry Dock of the famous Haydarpaşa Train Station in Istanbul (5.-15.12.2019). Immersive sound and visual reflections of light explore the interior of an Ottoman neoclassic building abandoned since the Train Stations closure to sea traffic.

The artist performed every night between 8-8:40 pm during evening hours when the Bosphorus Ferry Traffic is still vivid. An installation made out of ceramics at another building underlined the atmosphere of meaningful abundance the place is breathing. The place itself is a witness of time, the artistic performance influenced by Berlin Club culture mixed with its melancholic atmosphere.



Haydarpaşa Ferry Dock is located in front of Haydarpaşa Garı, a railway station in Istanbul. It was built for the Baghdad Railroad and opened in 1908.

On the 28th of November 2011 the roof inflamed due to some construction works in the building. Nevertheless the station was a major intercity, regional and commuter rail hub as well as the busiest railway station in Turkey until 2012. As of 19 June 2013 all train service to the station has been indefinitely suspended due to the rehabilitation of the existing line for the new Marmaray commuter rail line.

The closure of the station has been subject to a lot of controversy. As it was unclear if Haydarpaşa would be re-opened to rail service once the Marmaray project was completed. Claims that the Turkish government was planning to sell the historic railway station along with the port and turn it into a residence/luxury resort surfaced. These plans were dropped and the Railway Station was going to be reopened in 2019, which didn’t happen yet.

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