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Golden Age Music – Safar Barlik

A new musical project from Beirut, a first EP just released. Safar Barlik remains quite mysterious with its electro beat and bittersweet melodies. The only thing we know about Safar Barlik is in this sentence: “With a longing for an idealised pre-war Beirut, Safar Barlik explores the feelings towards the city and its long lost Golden Age”.

The name Safar Barlik is adopted by the movie Safar Barlik. Safar Barlik (The Exile) is a war film released in 1967. The film is set in 1914. It is about a small Lebanese village rebelling against the great Ottoman Empire.

The movie was made in a time when movies like those – epic and grandiose – could be made, which also could symbolise the prosperity of that time. Safar Balik also feel that the story of “the exile” is still somewhat relevant to the situation of the Lebanese. Emigration and leaving Lebanon is not new to the exploited Lebanese, but when you experience it first hand, as more and more of your friends leave the country to find better jobs, or knowing their only aim is to leave Lebanon, you feel the impact on your life and the life of others. It also makes you question your belonging to that country, a country that by itself cannot provide for the many high expectations.

Watch the movie Bi Kaffeh, recalling another time:

Finally out!
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Listen to the sounds of Safar Barlik:

Thomas Büsch

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