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Earth and Fiber – Final show at Apel Gallery

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“Earth and Fiber” is the name of the final of 20 years exhibitions.  Nuran Terzioğlu closes her space with a sophisticated show breathing the spirit of Istanbul in a stage of despair and artistic reconsideration.

The central Taksim square, the main Venue for political protests focusing on the destruction of the old city structures in the past years, is  in the process of a total transformation. The old multicultural quarter Beyoğlu, where the gallery is located, is still resisting with its indestructible Beauty. It was always the center of a vivid multicultural Life. The demolition of Central Cultural milestones like the Emek Film Palace and the Atatürk Cultural Center left waste land. Naming a final exhibition “Earth and Fiber” is a statement by the 75 years old Galerist to underline that the art-scene in Istanbul will continue to use the soil of the city to grow new thoughts, reflections to defend their roots in a historical setting of cosmopolitism and open-mindedness.

Gallery Apel was founded by Nuran Terzioğlu in 1998, and its original space was designed by the Architect Nevzat Sayın. Meaning appeal or invitation, the gallery takes its name from the 150 year-old Apelyan Apartments, of which it occupies the lower two floors. The gallery’s particular identity has been crystallized through solo and thematic exhibitions emphasizing hand labor, material diversity and unique individual positions. The exhibition themes, such as “Neighbors” and “An Ad Break”, are taken from daily life, aiming to make contemporary art a part of everyday life, and even a basic necessity.


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