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Charlie Cauchi: Latitude 36

Under the umbrella of Latitude 36, creative director, curator and artist Charlie Cauchi presents documentaries; original performance pieces by established artists; and a public exhibition in Malta showcasing stories and details, told through installations and experiential exhibits.

Latitude 36 invites local and global audiences to observe individual journeys, linger over shared experiences and join the conversation.

In this exhibition, Charlie Cauchi laments Malta’s migration history, creating a series of artworks, ranging from photography and soundscapes, to built structures and moving image. The exhibition uses a mixture visual art practices to examine our past and present migration stories. (Text: Blitz, Valletta, Exhibition duration: 29.06.-14.07.18)

Interview: Rebecca Anastasi with Charlie Cauchi,

1. What motivated you to put together this exhibition?

There’s a lot of talk about migration at the moment – nationally and internationally. I wanted to highlight some of our own migration stories. In this particular exhibition, I focus on Australia, London and Tunisia, and highlight certain periods in history. Unlike other aspects of my project, such as the documentary short From Malta to Motor City, which gives a brief glimpse of the Maltese community in Michigan, this exhibition is more experiential and experimental. Grounded in academic research practices, I wanted to communicate the information I found in new ways.

2. How does it relate to your personal experiences?

I was born in London to a Maltese migrant and I have spent an equal amount of time living in both countries. I often find it hard to place myself. Growing up in the UK, my father always had Maltese friends, so the sense of a Maltese community was strong. That was in the 80s. I wanted to see what being a Maltese national felt like now. But I was also really interested in past stories and also looking outside of the UK.

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