Living in a Dizzying World

Art Competition and Survey

living in a dizzying world

Image: Creative Routines by RJ Andrews

The Art Competition and Survey Living in a Dizzying World is an interdisciplinary cooperation of the Department of Differential Psychology, Karl-Franzens-University Graz, the artistic research project Dizziness – A Ressource, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and Kunsthaus Graz which is aimed to artists and students from the moving image art or time based media art field.

While the project shall bring the artists and scientists an closer understanding of the artistic process, attendees can hope for an award in terms of participation in an group exhibition, which takes place at Kunsthaus Graz in spring 2017.

Call for partcipation ends on 14th January 2016, midnight, MET.

The initiators aim to survey the artistic process, asking which requirements and needs involve the artistic process, which conditions act supporting and how the artists can influence their working process positivly.

In order to do this research the artists and scientists invite interrested artists with moving image art background to hand in works to the topic Living in a Dizzying World.

For Ruth Anderwald and Leonard Grond, team of the artistic research project Dizziness – A Ressource, this ‚in-between state of mind has vast potential’. The state of Dizziness is well known in an unsettling environment which nowadays surrounds us. This phenomena is able to evoke, apart from the frightening and destabilizing effect of losing control, stiring things up, arousing anger, attention or even a clear minds. For the survey the time-based works from 2 to 10 minutes in length can contextualize the theme in both personal and in a bigger social or political frame.

To generate data about the artistic process each art production will be accompanied by short questionaires via electronic media during the working period. Each partcipant can look forward to an individual feedback based on their data. Futhermore the winning artwork of the competition will be shown in an international exhibition, in spring 2017 at Kunsthaus Graz.

Applications need to be sent to Kevin Kerschenbauer & Mathias Benedek via Mail.  dips@uni-graz.at

Application:From 15th December 2015 until 14th January 2016, midnight, MET.
Competition: 18th January until 1st February 2016, midnight, MET.
Decision of the Jury: June 2016
Artists’ Lectures and Project Presentations: Kunsthaus Graz, November 10, 2016
Exhibition: Spring 2017


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